Green Zone: Great Control

  • RPI Score equals 0

  • According to Framingham Heart Study coronary heart disease risk model screening values are collectively in normal ranges.


Green Zone Means:

  •  Congratulations the combination of blood screening and blood pressure scores are in normal ranges

  • Other risk factors such as tobacco use are also under control

  •  Follow healthy eating habits

  • Keep in touch with your wellness team leader and physician to keep up the good progress to date.

Yellow Zone: Caution

  • RPI Score equals 1

  • One or more elevated screening measures indicate a higher risk for coronary heart disease..



Yellow Zone Means:

  • There are one or more screening tests that  are above average.

  • Review exact profile of screening tests with your wellness team leader and set personal goals for improvement.

  • Improve eating habits

  •  Increase activity level


Red Zone: Stop and Think


  • RPI Score is greater than 1

  • According to FHS model risk is at such an elevated state a physician should review results to assess possible medical and other therapeutic options.

Red Zone Means:

  • One or more of your screening results are at such elevated levels that your health and well being may be at risk

  • Start a program to quickly bring under control your abnormal screening results

  • Before you start it is best to see your physician for guidance and help in setting personal targets